Vehicle Maintenance Videos by All Night Auto Repair : Brake Noise

November 24, 2015

Your brake pads are the vital parts that rub against the rotor (or disc) to slow and stop your auto. They eventually wear down. When your pads are worn too much, they wont stop your vehicle as well. When the friction material is worn away, metal parts of the pad are exposed and youll hear a squ... More

The All Night Auto Repair Guide for Livonia Drivers: Battery Testing

November 17, 2015

The simple fact is that 70% of car batteries fail within 4 years. They just need to be replaced when they are no longer able to hold a full charge. Batteries are a big ticket item for most Livonia drivers and its tempting to put off buying a new one as long as possible. But a battery that canno... More

What is That? Check Engine Light Service At All Night Auto Repair

November 4, 2015

Okay. You went to your local Livonia car wash and while your SUV was under the dryer, the check engine light started flashing. Panic! What did you just do? Something is seriously wrong with the SUV! You head for the nearest Livonia service station, but on the way, the check engine l... More